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Will the most disabled children in California be left without care?

California Children's Services (CCS) provides and important gap in therapeutic services to babies and children with disabilities. These services allow children to become more independent. They fill an important hole which allows many HMO"s to leave these children without the services.

While newer laws force HMO's and health insurance to cover important therapies associated with autism, children with developmental or neurological disabilities are left out in the cold.

For example, while an insurance will provide speech therapy for an adult who has a stroke, they will not cover speech therapy for a child. they call it not "medically necessary". The logic is this: the adult had speech ,so it is recoverable. The child didn't have speech or limited speech, therefor they don't have to "recover" something that may not existed. This same convoluted logic falls into occupational and physical therapy too.

Basically, a family must rely on the services of a school district or their own pocket book to supply needed services. To add insult to injury, families used to be able to uses $5000 of pre-tax dollars to pay for these uncovered medical expenses, now the law only allows $2500 per family but the coverage has not changed. Therapy averages from $57-$100+ per hour.

Here is one family's story about how CCS helped their daughter Scarlett. Click here.

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