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Will the Food & Drug Administration investigate Michelle Obama


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Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Food and Drug Administration to investigate First Lady Michelle Obama for growing food consumed by the public. Remember, Democrat elitists play by a different set of rules than the rest of us. A Democrat congressman recently said as much.

Michele Obama is responsible for the 1500 square foot White House garden that produced nearly 1,000 pounds of food in 2009. That food was used to feed people in the White House and it went to local homeless shelters for public consumption. That is a good deed and I have no qualms about it.

However, earlier this year FDA investigators arrived on the property of Amish farmer Dan Allgyer to conduct an investigation. It seems the FDA believed Mr. Allgyer was not consuming the food products produced on the farm, as the FDA said some of Mr. Allgyer’s product was sold for public consumption. Mr. Allgyer stated “This is a private farm. I do not sell anything to the public.”

The FDA harassed Mr. Allgyer and when another person that was on the farm left, the FDA agents followed him for 40 or 50 miles prompting this person to call 911. The state police pulled the agents over and the caller stopped as well. The FDA agents explained to the State Police they believed the person they were tailing was transporting farm produce from Mr. Allgyer's farm. After inspecting the person’s vehicle the State Police found no farm produce.

The FDA agents claimed to have authority to act in this manner.


If indeed the FDA has jurisdiction over any person that produces food for public consumption, why hasn’t the FDA initiated an investigation of First Lady Michelle Obama because of her White House garden? Food produced from the White House garden is consumed by the public.

Perhaps the Food and Drug administration could offer some insight.


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