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Will the Court of Appeals stop the PI of the Vhong Navarro-Cedric Lee case?

Vhong Navarro, Deniece Cornejo
Vhong Navarro, Deniece Cornejo
video screenshot

The Vhong Navarro-Cedric Lee-Deniece Cornejo case is still one of the hottest topics online this morning, March 18, 2014, based on the report, the Court of Appeals has ordered the Department of Justice to explain why a Temporary Restraining Order should not be issued to stop the hearings.

Cedric Lee's decision to elevate the case has become hot item in print and social media several hours after the issue came out on national television. It has also received negative reactions from the netizens who are following Vhong Navarro's battle against the successful businessman Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo, the TV and print ad model. Many of them are questioning the CA for its issued order, according to them, it is too early to enter because the DOJ is still investigating.

They also believe that the DOJ has the full authority to investigate the case and it was confirmed by Sec. Leila De Lima in one of her TV appearances just a few hours after it came out. Right now, a lot of people are waiting for the latest and updated report regarding the CA's order, they want to know if the DOJ will continue its duty and finish the investigation.

They are now using their social media accounts to tell their fellow supporters to be vigilant because they believe that this case is very special, according to them, this is an example of a David and Goliath battle. In Tony Calvento's official Facebook page, you will notice the fans' eagerness to know the real truth behind the case. Many of them are accusing Cedric Lee for using his connections, but after learning the issue, all of them agreed to wait for the CA and DOJ's decisions.

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