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Will the ‘Bull’ come to Uniondale?

Move over Waldo and Carmen Sandiego – there is a new mystery in town. Although family friendly, it has nothing to do with kid’s play. The latest big secret is all about the Red Bull Global Rallycross, or GRC. According to Red Bull, a race is scheduled to take place in the New York area on Sun., Jul. 20, 2014 at 2 p.m. EST. It even looks like NBC will be broadcasting live from the track. But this is precisely where the plot thickens. What track?

Is the Red Bull GRC coming to the Nassau Coliseum?
Photo by Andrew Hone/Getty Images

Exactly where the GRC will take place in New York is still unclear. For one reason or another, track location remains veiled in a shroud of secrecy. The only particulars provided by Red Bull about the course, is that more information will be available soon. That’s not much to go on. But wait. If you look closely, there is more.

Coliseum goers patiently await the GRC

Is the Red Bull GRC planning to visit Long Island? There have been hints, like the recent online advertisements which suggest July’s GRC has the Nassau Coliseum in mind. On the motorsports blog, a recent ad invited readers to “Cheer on Subaru Team USA July 20…at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum...”

Adding to the intrigue, the folks at Red Bull have neither confirmed nor denied the Coliseum rumors. And you thought the historic arena was all about Islander hockey and mega rock concerts.

What is the Red Bull GRC?

The GRC is a series of car races which take place around the country, on and off road. Naturally, that means a variety of track surfaces are considered fair game. These are not the typical NASCAR, Winston Cup, Indianapolis, Formula 1 or Grand Prix competitions. Mud, hilly terrain and ditches are sometimes expected and often encouraged. The cars are smaller than what Dale Earnhardt might have driven. Nevertheless, these suped up vehicles are a bit more accessible. Contemporary fans can identify with the rad profile of the latest makes and models.

The GRC vehicles are smaller and less temperamental than the usual paved-circuit racing machines. They are breathtaking in action and a lot of fun to watch. Adding to the excitement, enthusiasts can often get up close with the drivers and their vehicles.

Having the Red Bull GRC at the Nassau Coliseum in July is a spectacular idea. With any luck, it could become an annual event. If it is held in Uniondale, Red Bull should compensate Coliseum aficionados for creating such anticipation anxiety. “Toro” Bull!

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