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Release Date for "Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls" still uncertain

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Humorous page, comically describing the purpose of Zoloft,for providing relief for those suffering from many different types of mental conditions

As July is about to end, news about the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls audio-book-an audio-book originally slated for a May release- has been very elusive and unclear, leaving me Plague Rats left in the dark.

On her recent Sunday live chat, more than one fan in the live chat text area left messages, inquiring news of the audio-book. If these fans had never raised the issue, the question remains, as to whether the news was going to be brought up.

Emilie Autumn assured Plague Rats of her official fan club that she wishes the audio-book itself to be the very best recording possible, since she is being permitted only one try to do a high quality recording of her self-published book.

For the legion of Plague Rats that are not a member of the Asylum Army Official Fan Club, they had to rely on various Tumblr pages, Twitter, or friends that are members of the fan club to hear the latest news, which again contradicts the release date displayed on the product description for the item in question on the Asylum Emporium.

The Plague Rats that neither rely on social media, or happen to have friends that are not just a member of the official fan club, but happened to attend the live chat, are still being left out in the dark, in terms of not knowing decisively about the release date for a product that they paid for in advance. If they happened to check the web-store product details, they would be left convinced that the audio-book is bound to be shipped promptly within the next week, prior to the end of July.

Again, Emilie Autumn has reassured fans on her live chat this past Sunday that the audio-book would eventually be released, though it is sill unclear whether the audiobook will be released at any point this year. We can be certain that the longer wait time may mean for some very substantial extras, such as commentary and new content that further enhances Emilie Autumn's large sprawling world of the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.

To those Plague Rats that are not members of the fan club, you should expect an email sometime soon from Emilie Autumn, which will hopefully clarify the exact release date for the audiobook, and the fact that it is no longer being released during the month of July. Hopefully, the product details for the audiobook on the actual website accurately reflect that very soon, unless the audio-book unexpectedly is still slated for release within the next week or so. Again, no one is really quite sure about the nature of the release, though you can be certain that Emilie Autumn is delaying things for solid reasons, ensuring again that the recording itself is top-notch and is something that she can feel pleased with.

Recently, she acquired a new, high-quality microphone, used for recording purposes. She wishes the recording itself to have a very crisp, clear sound. Before venturing the the very ambitious Asylum Experience, she was diligently working on refining a past recording that she did not feel was really up to par with her very high expectations, for what she had envisioned in her mind the recording to be like.

At this point, we need a certain measured sense of patience, for Emilie Autumn is legitimately busy, right now, with being featured as a large role in the upcoming Devil's Carnival sequel, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. During her chat, she enthusiastically relayed to fans that her fictional character in this musical, the Painted Doll, will have a much larger role in the film. Hopefully, we will hear more in the coming months then about this exciting role. Movie roles require lots of precision of character, and a certain degree of adroitness and focus to really get a character's representation just right on screen.

Moreover, she is planning to play a character of her choice in Veronica Varlow's upcoming film Revolver, so there are definitely an abundant number of reasons for the startling lack of news, outside the fan club, about the exact fate of her audiobook. Years prior to 2014, she has often alluded to working on an audio-book for her self-published work, heightening the unabated excitement over more concrete news, over the last few months, about an exact release date, and a preorder plan for the product.

Ever since Melissa's departure, there has been a growing concern among some Emilie Autumn fans that Emilie Autumn might have completely forgotten about her pending projects and the upkeep of her official fan club. With Emilie Autumn having so many wonderful projects ahead of her, she undoubtedly cannot handle balancing all this administrative stuff, which is pretty impossible, really, for any human being to completely balance. So, we hope somebody helps unburden her load a little, and help her efficiently keep everything organized, especially with so many promising things ahead for her evolving music career.

Throughout Tumblr and fan forums, fans have been confused about technical problems with signing onto the fan club website, among other things. Melissa often did a tremendous job, maintaining communication with fans about these more practical issues of web site maintenance and web-store issues.

The unclear fate of the audio-book is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, when it comes to different concerns that have been raised by honest Plague Rats over the past few months. We can only hope that the Sunday live chats continued, unimpeded, over the next few weeks,and Emilie Autumn will eventually rectify any issues that have presented themselves over the past few weeks, in lieu of Melissa's departure.

For now, the most prudent option is to continue politely and civilly discussing these concerns, without fanning the flames of fan melodrama. Some might misconstrue the intention of this article to serve as something that fosters immature drama, when this is just another place for Plague Rats to constructively discuss various concerns, while giving Emilie Autumn the professional space to both attend to her professional needs,and gradually improve the flow of things on the administrative side of things, concerning the preservation of peace and civil order in the world of the asylum.

While we are waiting for the release of the audio-book, a more constructive activity to bide our time with includes partaking in this Examiner page's Plague Rat Diary Project. It is a wonderful way of raising money for a particular animal welfare charity, and expressing your heartfelt love and verve for the alternate dimension of the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls in the form of your own self-conceived rat character.

If you have any suggestion, questions, grievances, you may email this examiner writer at narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com

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