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Will Teresa Giudice be homeless? Reality star facing dire financial situation

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Teresa Giudice might be a reality star, but off camera the woman is looking at a tough situation. As viewers watch and wait to see what will happen with her legal case, there is news that the star could be without a home in the very near future. According to I4U News on Monday, the reality star is facing the possibility of being homeless.

While the idea sounds a bit crazy, there is a theory behind why a popular Bravo star could be living in the car at some point. Apparently there is a limited income stream coming in for the star with books and the Bravo show residuals being the primary income streams. Add that the family might be in limbo until the penalty phase of the court case is decided upon and there is nothing short of concern.

Reality stars don’t get paid as much as fans might think when it comes to the television shows. Their primary sources of income comes from public appearances, branding opportunities and even autographs. Yet, how can Teresa be involved in making money at a time like this? It is a tough choice when time with the family needs to be spent and the future is unknown, especially if people are leery of booking events because they don’t know availability.

So what other variable isn’t working in Teresa’s favor? Radar Online reported that she could be forced to sell her home. It is the place the star has raised her children and shared with the viewers. Because of legal expenses and living expenses, she could be looking at finding a new place or find herself on the street.

Hopefully someone will help Teresa Giudice out. The star definitely has problems, but there are plenty of people who love her and her family. The road ahead doesn't look easy either, but everyone hopes it works out for the best.