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Will Supreme Court Forced Union Dues For homecare workers Case Spell Unions Doom

Big labor wants union dues from homecare workers
Big labor wants union dues from homecare workers
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If you are providing care and compassionate attention for your loved ones while they are recovering from illness or are elderly, paying union dues is the last thing on your mind. Well it seems that the long arm of big labor wants to stretch its hands into your pockets and shake out union dues, according to Fox News. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to hear the case and determine if forced unionization among home caregivers is illegal. The case originates from the home state of Barack Obama. The president’s former political compadre and progressive lawmaker friend imprisoned Gov. Rod Blagojevich authored the oppressive union bill. If you are a healthcare worker in Illinois you are being forced to pay union dues, even if you are a family member simply assisting a loved one.

Doesn’t sit right with most sane people and it certainly does not sit right with officials at the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation (NRTWLDF). The right to work organization is leading the challenge against the law and they are claiming that the Illinois law, “Only defines them as employees in terms of unionization and no other rights at all,” exists reports the Washington Free Beacon.

In effect it seems that the law’s only purpose for existing is to tap into a seemingly bottomless pit of caregivers who are performing acts of kindness and compassion while unions rip them off for union dues. In reality it is like being taxed for being kind, loving and compassionate. One can only imagine the type of union tax they would have placed on Christ and his disciples. This type of heavy-handed labor tactic by unions was kicked to the curb in Michigan by Republican Governor Rick Snyder. Michigan voters rose to the occasion in 2012 and reaffirmed Gov. Snyder’s anti-union grab bag efforts.

The repercussions of the Illinois case are far reaching because of the union labor idea being advanced which considered any employee that receives government money and performs care services can be tapped for union dues. In effect, stretched to its most illogical liberal conclusion, doctors, lawyers, teachers, school lunch moms are all ripe for the union pocket pickings.

Should you submit to the heavy hand and probing fingers of union labor when taking care of your loved ones? The U.S. Supreme Court will make that decision this spring.

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