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Will Spielberg Ever Win Another Oscar?

Will Success At The Academy Awards Ever Strike Again?
Will Success At The Academy Awards Ever Strike Again?
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

For many years, Steven Spielberg was labeled a ‘’popcorn’’ director, who merely directed summer blockbusters. Despite receiving Academy Award nominations for Close Encounters of The Third Kind, Raiders of The Lost Ark, and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. Despite these previous Oscar nominations, this perception of him lasted until he directed The Color Purple and later Empire of The Sun. He was nominated for the former, not even recognized by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scirnces for the latter. It was not until Schindler’s List won for both Best Director and Best Picture that he received the recognition he truly deserved.

He repeated this success with Saving Private Ryan five years later, was also nominated for both awards twice again for both Munich and Lincoln. Along with Best Picture nominations for both Letters From Iwo Jima (which he produced for actor and director Clint Eastwood) and War Horse, which also directed. Despite still directing passions films every several years, his output in this area is getting scarce, as he now focuses more on producing. Will he ever direct another film that wins Best Director or Best Picture again?