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Will Sony Consider Free Warhawk Download for PSN Outage?

Will Sony Consider Free Warhawk Download for PSN Outage?
Will Sony Consider Free Warhawk Download for PSN Outage?

Some users of PlayStation Network are expressing a desire for other content on the PSN that was not listed in yesterday's announcement of the "Welcome Back" program and the amount of users claiming to own the bulk of the content offered already.

After a strong and well received Starhawk Announcement and Gameplay Video reveal many gamers have flocked back to Warhawk's Dedicated Servers and are reviving the game in anticipation of its predecessor's arrival. Some gamers want to try out the game, which has had its expansion packs available for PlayStation Plus, but haven't made the purchase yet.

There was speculation previous to the announcement from Sony that possibly Warhawk would have been among the games selected for download in order to help provide exposure for Starhawk. Perhaps this was decided not to be the case given that Warhawk is an incredible game but may be far out-shined by Starhawk's release. Nonetheless, the demand is there. Other users have also suggested the PS One Classics store as a desirable option.

For those of you who did express a desire for something else in place of the package provided, what was it you expected/wanted out of the PlayStation "Welcome Back" package? Are you satisfied with this package regardless of what is offered or because of it?

Warhawk has been put on sale many times. The price is variable since it is a downloadable title on the PlayStation Network which released years ago. We will have to wait until the PlayStation Store is back up before we see what they list the price as, and whether or not PlayStation Plus members get a discount as well as if the game will become part of the "Welcome Back" pack selections.