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Will Sodom and Nineveh fare better than America on Judgment Day?

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Back in the Old Testament times humanity had more of an excuse for barbarism, persecution, and terrorism.

After all, they didn't have the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the evolving understanding of human rights, and the benefit of centuries of recorded history to highlight the foibles of humanity. Yes, they had the Covenant of the Patriarchs, and the Ten Commandments, but we must remember they did not heed the voice of God in the Prophets. They were an uncivilized and barbaric people, sort of like immature adolescents not yet ready to embrace the maturity of the Cross of Jesus--the truest sign of Love.

But today, in the 21st Century--following the bloodiest century in human history--we do not have this excuse. America, moreover, with all her riches, and her gifts from God in the Constitution, and the freedoms she exemplifies, has even less of an excuse than any nation in the modern, not to mention the postmodern, era.

America rivals any pagan century in the number of human sacrifices it performs.

We abort as many, or more, than any Aztec. We euthanize like a Roman seeking a thrill kill in the Coliseum. We have inner cities, like Chicago, which rival the worst ghettos in history. Like the Emperor Caligula, we have a government which seeks immorality for pleasures sake. Gay marriage is the sign of the times. Illegal Immigration is manipulation of the poor at its most depraved. Contraception is a flashing light revealing our nations disdain for parenthood, responsibility, and genuine respect for women.

And then there is our economy.

Socialism is nothing more than organized crime through Democratic vote--sustained by the most uninformed, ignorant generation in American history. Class warfare is the preferred tool, if you don't count a false 'war on women,' or any other trumped up racist charge by the PC police. Robin Hood would be utterly disgusted with Barack Obama and his crew of merry bandits. At least Robin Hood gave it to the poor. Barack and his hoodlums simply give it to their present and future voter base.

American integrity is truly at its all time low!

And as for the Catholic Church, and mainline Christianity, don't be shocked if they start rounding you up for the next great 'Roman' persecution; they've already warmed up for violence by perpetrating the HHS mandate, and the general intolerance for REAL Christianity in America's public affairs.

What's to stop them?