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Will Smith Won't Return for 'Independence Day 2'

Independence Day 2 will move forward without Will Smith
Independence Day 2 will move forward without Will Smith

There's been a great deal of indecision for Will Smith in deciding whether to return for Independence Day 2, and that's caused 20th Century Fox and Roland Emmerich to prepare accordingly. Emmerich had two versions of the script drafted; one that features the return of Smith's character, and another that left him out. And now it seems as if he's finally made a decision.

Deadline reports that Smith won't return for the film, which may go by the title ID Forever. Or at least the site says he will make that decision known to Emmerich and Fox soon, noting that this shouldn't be set in stone due to Smith constantly changing his mind. The plan is to have the film ready for the 20th anniversary (!!!!) in 2016 but now they'll have to figure out a way to draw audiences in without Smith's star power. Emmerich has noted that costs are a bigger issue this time around and not having Smith should help out the budget immensely. But let's be honest in that he's also the main reason anybody remembers Independence Day, it's the movie that made him a box office star, and losing him will affect the bottom line.

Michael B. Jordan has been eyed to take on a role and he probably make for solid "replacement" if Fox doesn't keep him busy with Fantastic Four. Doubtful he'd have time for both. Independence Day 2 is set to open July 1st 2016.