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Will Smith-Jada Pinkett: Child Protective Services opens investigation

Willow Smith's photo with Moises Arias questioned

RadarOnline is reporting today that actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are being investigated by child services over photos that appeared on social media of their daughter, Willow Smith, several weeks ago. The Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services has opened an active investigation over photos that appeared online showing 13-year-old Willow Smith and 20-year-old Moises Arias in bed, according to the Daily News.

The couple, who has often been criticized over their parenting style, are said to be cooperating fully with the investigation. CPS workers will also conduct interviews with Willow Smith and Moises Arias. The Child Protective Services process is expected to last at least four weeks.

The investigation was sparked by an uproar over photos that appeared online in May 2014, showing a very mature Moises Arias in bed with Willow Smith. Moises Arias deleted the photos from his Instagram account, shortly after. Willow Smith appeared to be fully dressed but Moises Arias was without a shirt in the photo, according to Hollywood Daily News.

Jada Pinkett quickly came to her daughter's defense by stating that there was nothing sexually inappropriate about the pictures. Many people took to social media to show their concern or disgust over the photos, and Jada Pinkett Smith's reaction to it.

In the early 2000's Jada Pinkett and Will Smith were the poster parents for rearing bright, well-adjusted children. But that began to change in the late 2000's as Willow and Jaden Smith became teens, often expressing themselves, in what many parents considered, bizarre ways. The first mumblings about the teens' behavior appeared in 2011, when Willow Smith got her first tongue ring which was later said to be fake. Then in 2012, she dyed her hair green then later shaved it. In 2014, parents took to forums to criticize both Will and Jada Smith over allowing the teens too much freedom.

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