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Will Senator Gillibrand defend Eileen Bailey ?


           Photo from DCStreetsBLog - Defending the Baileys



Odds are no such thought or reaction will come forward. While she made token efforts to mollify the gun crowd in her upstate Congressional district in her inaugural political run in 2006, she didn’t have to do much for the progressive anti-war crew on the left. They were quite disappointed with the subsequent votes from the new Congresswoman that only continued to support the unjust aggression that is the

She bailed on the guns when the whole state came in play.

Joe and Eileen Bailey are the fictional couple that Chuck Schumer created for his anemic political treatise called “Positively American”. While spending half the book asserting that government is for the average person, he spends the second half with filled with Democratic prescriptions. The fact that he’s snide and rude in some company comes as no surprise to most political insiders or indifferent observers. Gillibrand comes from the
machine and knows how to play the game, having grown up in it. While Schumer is the more impenetrable candidate in
New York, one wonders how distancing herself from this GOP canon fodder will go.


In Positively American Schumer writes about his summary of his stump speech to voters;

“ Why did I give up a safe seat in the House to run for Senate ? I love to legislate.”


While it’s certain that the women whom colleagues in the House and press besmirched as Tracy Flick, didn’t have that electoral burden to say yes to Governor Paterson when he came knocking. Giuliani and Pataki are hovering for the easy prey they feel is Gillibrand’s seat. If she just sat there and chuckled with Chuck about the whole incident, New Yorkers should be concerned. A class of unassailable representatives has become the norm in
. Everyone loves their guy or gal. While little gaffes like these may seem unworthy in those circles, they happen everyday, all the time. Gillibrand owes New Yorkers and women an apology if she hasn’t done so yet.   


  • jane trahey 5 years ago

    If Eileen Bailey were the officious stew who insisted that Schumer end his cellphone call even though the cabin door was still open, she *was* being a b****, even though Schumer refrained from saying it to her bossy little face.

    This incident has nothing whatever to do with Gillibrand. If you dislike her, find a better excuse.

  • Kent McManigal- 5 years ago

    "I love to legislate"? Isn't that like admitting you enjoy raping people?
    IF a solution is to be found in "politics", it will be found by repealing and voiding legislation; not in making more.

  • Richard Brown 5 years ago

    Silliybrand was quoted as saying Chuckie was polite and ended his call when asked. What part of lying sac-o-crap don't you understand?

  • Eric 5 years ago

    Jane - of course it has everything to do with Gillibrand. She's a woman and a US Senator. If she can't stand up for what's right in the face of power, what will she do for the people of NY ? Extend the occupations without protest, I'm sure. I've met and debatred Kristin on several occasions, she's polite and courteous to all.

    Kent - You gotta understand old Chuckles thinks that legislation is what protects people from the big bad world. The more of it he can do the better, from his perspective. Proper politicians and statists will insist this forever. Theirs is the cause of good in the world . . . I know you have other thoughts in this regard !

    Richard - um . . . good point ?