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Will Sarah Geronimo reveal eveything about her & Matteo Guidicelli on The Buzz?

Sarah Geronimo, Toni Gonzaga
Sarah Geronimo, Toni Gonzaga
Arlene Nicdao/Twitter

A tweet of Arlene Nicdao confirms that Sarah Geronimo will be on The Buzz this coming Sunday, so if you are a fan of the pop princess, this is your chance to know more about her relationship with actor-athlete Matteo Guidicelli who is still in the U.S. for a TFC show. Just this morning, July 3, 2014, despite his busy schedule, Matteo took time out and posed for a photo and posted it on his official Instagram account.

Just minutes after it posted online, Matteo received mix reactions from his supporters, and even though many of them are congratulating him for making the pop princess happy, some of them are also saying that he is not the right guy for the pop princess. The good thing is; Matteo remained calm and humble despite the criticisms that he received and continues to receive online.

Anyway, he is enjoying his stay in the U.S.; and based on a tweet of @teamguidicelli, he will be back in Manila after he finished his commitment with fellow Filipinos in Virginia. But while the actor-athlete is enjoying his stay, his girlfriend, Sarah Geronimo who has become hot item in print and social media these past few weeks because of Matteo, was reportedly interviewed by Toni Gonzaga, one of the hosts of “The Buzz.”

Arlene Nicdao, a certified popster who posted a photo of Toni interviewing the pop princess on the micro-blogging site Twitter, failed give any detailed information regarding the issue, but according to some observers, Sarah had become generous when asked about her relationship with Matteo Guidicelli. Incidentally, Sarah was also on “The Buzz” when she was just promoting “Maybe This Time,” her first big screen team up with Coco Martin. She was forced to admit that she has a constant communication with the actor-athlete when Kris Aquino asked several questions regarding her love life.