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Will Run with Dogs

As I run with Lucky, the Standard Poodle, I see the golden wheat fields in Sheridan, Indiana. We run past many horse farms, a few abandoned farm houses, and an old cemetery. While I run in the countryside of Sheridan, I am reminded of the beautiful scenery I saw when I ran cross country for the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville. When running in the country, I feel a sense of tranquility and have time for mental reflection.

I run the wooded path that winds along the White River in Noblesville, Indiana, with Max, the Boxer. He and I enjoy the coolness of the woods as we follow the flowing water down below us. I run the streets of Carmel with Clancy, the Vizsla. He and I wind in and out of the neighborhoods around the 146th and the Springmill road area.

I have started running with my clients' dogs, to lessen the miles I run with my own two dogs, Addison and Ozzy. As my dogs age, it is more difficult for them to log in so many miles with me. I love running with my clients' dogs because of the varying scenery and the good company. We take it slow and steady as we build up our miles. I make sure the weather is suitable and comfortable for the dogs to run in. The most exciting thing to see is their progress continue as the weeks go by. I feel so accomplished and a little tired on the days that I run multiple times, but it makes me happy. Will run with dogs is my new motto and I'm running with it.

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