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Will Robin bring Jason Morgan back to ‘General Hospital’?

Will Robin bring Jason Morgan back to ‘General Hospital’?
Will Robin bring Jason Morgan back to ‘General Hospital’?

Dr. Patrick Drake found his wife Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake at the Crichton-Clark clinic and was lead to believe she was there working on a project to bring Helena and Stavros Cassadine back from the dead. Robin insisted that Jason Morgan is dead. But he is not, at least not yet.

Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake has been working diligently to bring Jason Morgan out of stasis since he supposedly died nearly two years ago. On Monday, August 11 fans found out that Jason is not dead, merely in a state of stasis. Robin is hoping to bring him back, but she told Victor Cassadine that she has discovered the formula to do so, but she wanted to test it on Helena and Stavros first. Victor insisted that Robin test it on Jason, even though it may very well not work and inevitably cause his death.

But will Robin be able to save Jason Morgan? Fans saw photos of Steve Burton, ex-Jason Morgan, on Monday’s episode. But Burton left the show two years ago to join the cast of “The Young and the Restless” as Dylan McAvoy. Will Jason Morgan rejoin the living or will Robin’s experimental drug kill him once and for all?

Casting rumors have been making the rounds that Billy Miller has signed on to play the role of Jason Morgan. Miller exited his role as Billy Abbott on “The Young and the Restless” in January. That role has since been recast twice. When Jill Farren Phelps chose Burgess Jenkins to take over the role of Billy Abbott from David Tom, fans hopes that Miller would return were dashed.

But now they are waiting to see if Billy Miller will turn up as Jason on “General Hospital.” This week Robin will open the pod where Jason has been kept alive. Victor Cassadine’s has directed her to use the rug she has developed in an attempt to bring Jason out of stasis. Will the drug work, and if it does, who will portray Jason Morgan? If the drug works, will Helena and Stavros Cassadine also return from the dead and back to Port Charles?