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Will real issues about immigration come to the forefront?

First, the same 11-12 million illegal immigrants are with us in America that we spoke about five years ago at the start of the Obama administration. They are with us like GITMO and won’t go away.

Immigration reform needed at once -

Lacks immigration management that spanned the Bush years before Obama and Clinton before that, left the gates wide open for illegal immigrants. Border states cried for federal assistance and government by politics ignored the problem. A good economy covered it up. A bad economy revealed the cover up.

If people are in America illegally, they have responsibility to clean up their situation. Government has a responsibility to help them. If you came illegally, that must be declared.

If you have viable employment (probably illegal), than that must be declared.

If you don’t, you and your dependents are going home.

Where it gets complicated is when dependents have been born in America and are now US citizens. Do you send the parents home and keep the kids? What is to be done?

Therein is the reason to draft laws and guidelines covering a myriad of circumstances to clear matters up one way or another.

In reality, more than half of the illegals will need some fast track assistance to citizenship. Of the other half, half again need a path to citizenship that will impose conditions and take more time. It may take penalties too.

For about 25%, they are going home. They include people who are grossly unviable and who have committed crimes of any kind. Sorry, they should go at once.

America must establish goals for population to resources ratio. We need to establish population limits and demographic qualifications goals. It is a matter of social responsibility and national interest.

“Obama’s immigration strategy is to give room to House GOP

By Amie Parnes - 02/01/14 06:00 AM EST

The White House has crafted an explicit strategy when it comes to dealing with House Republicans on immigration: give them space.

Senior administration officials say they want to give Republicans as much breathing room as they need to negotiate a bill in their own divided party and then see what materializes.”

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