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Will PSY's Gangnam Style Reach No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100?

We'll know the answer to this question tomorrow. But, let us look at some facts that will lead us to believe why Psy should reach the No. 1 spot.


- It rose to No.2 two weeks ago behind Maroon 5's One More Night

- Gangnam Style has over 400 million YouTube views

- Inspired parodies from SNL, marching bands, Navy soldiers, and soccer moms.

- Lastly, "If it ranks number one in the Billboard chart, then I will perform 'Gangnam Style' topless in a place where everyone can watch," Psy said in a news conference, Reuters reports.

Over the course of Psy's decade long career, he has remained a non-conformist with his eccentric style, and slyness with over 18 singles to prove it. Below are a few that are just as worthy as Gangnam Style to listen to.

- Korea
- Champion
- Bird
- It's Art
- Right Now

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