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2014 Winter Olympics

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Will Olympic course cause injuries? Athletes in snowboard cross express concern

2014 Sochi Olympics Snowboard cross Course under fire
2014 Sochi Olympics Snowboard cross Course under fire
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Last week at the 2014 Winter Games there were concerns over the outdoor courses for several events and there now appears to be more. Athletes competing in the snowboard cross event are concerned they could overshoot the landings. According to the USA Today on Saturday the jumps might not a concern with the condition of the current course. Apparently some athletes have discussed the course concerns with officials at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park, but so far there hasn't been a change.

What is causing a concern for the event is the ramps that offer lift and send the snowboarder into the air. The angle of the ramp is important for a decent ride. If the ramps are too vertical it could offer an issue of landing. The possibilities it to overshoot or ride too low.

Not everyone things the snowboard cross course is a problem. Some athletes feel the course offers just the right combination of speed and ramp angle to win the gold. Yet, there is a reservation on the course as it’s different than what some athletes have trained on. Which means if the athletes go too fast and overshoot (or undershoot) the landing there could be injuries.

Competition on the snowboard cross event starts on Sunday. Fans are waiting to see if the course will change before the event or if it will remain as it currently stands.