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Will Obama's smile bring change to Iran?


Kids in Iran having some fun afterschool.


It appears that President Obama has been able to do what was impossible for President Bush. 
He may play a pivotal role in helping Iran to seek a revolution to a possible more democratic system. He did it with nothing but a smile.
During the years of the Bush administration, there was a lot of talk about the danger the nation of Iran posed to the United States, Israel, and the rest of the world. In a famous speech during the state of the union, Bush referred to Iran, along with Iraq and North Korea, as an “Axis of Evil”.  
No one knew exactly what that meant, it was just to make them look bad and to help justify the war in Iraq. 
Because of that reference, the people of Iran united behind their Islamic leaders, thinking that they would need their protection to the perceived threat from the United States.
With the election of President Ahmidinajad in 2005, the relations between the United States became only worse. The new Iranian president spoke of wiping Israel off the map and many leaders in the United States were considering the need to carry out the Bush Doctrine, as they did at the beginning of the Iraqi war in 2003. 
It was appearing as the Iran was going to become the next large power in the Middle East after the elimination of it’s main roadblock at the time, Saddam Hussein. 
Major change came with the election of President Obama.
Instead of using tough talk and fear mongering as his predecessor, Obama only smiled and reached out his hand to the leaders of Iran. Instead of reaching out in friendship they slapped it away.  
Showing an effort for economic development in these nations, could go a long way to help prevent extremist elements from gaining popularity among the mainstream.   The Ayatollah responded to Obama's smile by calling the Israel a “cancerous tumor” that must be destroyed. 
This open the door to for the people of Iran to see who is morally correct. The American President comes as friend, while the Ayatollah comes with belligerence.
Influenced by the President Obama's smile, Iranians wanted to take the opportunity to express their desire for change to a society that is friendlier to the West. Because of the possibility that election was rigged, the people have no choice but to turn to streets to protest. 
Hundreds of thousands in Tehran alone are protesting the outcome of the election. The current Islamic revolutionary government now could be under the threat of being toppled.
Why? Probably because of the terrible state of the current Iranian economy.
 It would be nice to know that Obama’s smile may have played a role in bringing freedom to Iran.