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Will new padded cap help pitchers in the future?

Sports injuries have continued to plague professional athletes more and more throughout the years. Major League Baseball has put a lot of time and effort into protecting players from serious injuries more specifically, pitchers from being hit by baseballs containing speeds of over 85 mph.

But, this week the MLB has announced that they have worked with isoBlox to approve a padded hat for pitchers to wear while on the mound. All levels of baseball from the lower level Minor League to the Major League will all be allowed to wear the state of the art hat that will protect pitchers from speeds of nearly 90 mph. Catchers have already started to change their head gear since the amount of catcher suffering from concussions has increased. Many catchers now wear a helmet similar to a hockey goalies' mask. This gives them added protection the same that the hat would do for pitchers.

Players will not be required to wear the hats, but representatives and information will be supplied to all players when they arrive at their Spring Training complex.

While many players are apprehensive of the new hat, it's just four ounces heavier than a regular baseball hat. The fitted hat will have protection for both the front and sides of the head.

Currently there is no information on any Major or Minor League Yankees that will be wearing this new padded hat.

Some information in this article was obtained from the official statement of Major League Baseball.

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