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Will motorists see mobile verification of insurance?

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Each year, millions of motorists are stopped by police for speeding and other driving violations. In the United States, most states require drivers to be covered by auto insurance and to have their vehicle registered with local authorities.

However, when it comes to traffic stops most police departments rely on an archaic paper-based verification system that result in inaccurate assessments by police officers. For example, a driver may hand over an insurance document that shows the policy is still active. In reality, the motorist may have already cancelled the policy prior to the traffic stop.

Benefits of Mobile Verification

In the future, more police departments are likely to adopt mobile verification systems as the technology becomes available. Developers could hit a financial boon for catering to a large market of thousands of jurisdictions.

Here are a few benefits of mobile verification during traffic stops:

  • More accurate collection of information
  • Real-time interaction with insurance and registration database
  • Improve quality of drivers on the road
  • Safer road conditions due to faster transaction times during traffic stops
  • Electronic documentation of traffic stops
  • Quick identification of parties involved
  • Easier exchange of information during car accidents and other incidents
  • Ready data available to emergency responders

Apps for Auto Industry

Mobile apps could also reduce costs for the industry. The average American makes around $45,000 a year, and owning a vehicle can mean spending nearly 20 percent of one's annual income each year for transportation. Less paper and more digitization can reduce overhead.

Once developers introduce apps for police officers, it won't be long until more effective applications would help consumers optimize their insurance coverage as well as make vehicle registration much easier than standing in long lines at the DMV.

For example, taxi drivers may look for better rates on black cab insurance policy on their smartphone or tablet. As the insurance market continues to adopt emerging technologies, expect mobile apps to make the market more efficient for companies, authorities, and consumers.


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