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Will more arrests come in Bella's death?

Isabella Grogan-Cannella was allegedly murdered by her mom's friend
Photo provided to media; Isabella Grogan-Cannella

It didn't take long for an arrest to be made in the death of eight-year-old Isabella Grogan-Cannella. This Thursday news report (among numerous others) reveals that a close friend of the mother's had allegedly kidnapped and murdered the child, but all of the details aren't being shared with the public. Justin James Rector was reportedly charged and arrested after evidence pointed directly to him -- and his stories to police didn't check out. It's reported that the girl's older sister last saw her with Rector at around 11:40 p.m. when she was going to bed. When she woke up to go to the bathroom later, she noticed her gone, and notified her mom -- who called 911.

Witnesses reportedly sighted Rector near the area where Bella's body was located, shortly before he allegedly went to Walmart and shoplifted a new outfit. It's been revealed that little Bella was buried in a shallow grave, but police won't release how she was murdered or if she was sexually assaulted. Nonetheless, it's a statistical likelihood that the motive for this child's murder was sexual. Justin was a known suspect on social media before his arrest when it was revealed that he had been questioned, and that he was literally the last person seen with the young girl before she vanished. News of his arrest does not entirely come as a shock to those who have been closely watching the case, or to those who are close to the case.

The tragedy of this murder has rippled from the small Arizona town, throughout the nation -- and the story also goes as a warning to parents everywhere. Be careful who you have staying in your home. Statistically speaking, crimes against children are most often committed by acquaintances and family members. Knowing this statistic, along with these horrible news stories, parents should be more diligent in making sure their homes are truly safe for their children. The mother of this child is completely distraught over the loss of her little girl, but there are plenty of rumors that speculate her possible involvement. While these may seem like mean-spirited rumors, police have also acknowledged that more arrests may come in the future regarding this child's murder. Who would be arrested in connection if Justin James Rector is truly the killer?

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