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Will Microsoft throw in the towel and let Amazon absorb the X Box as rumored?

Will Amazon buy out X Box?
Will Amazon buy out X Box?
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At first glance, this notion of Amazon buying out Microsoft's gaming division seemed absurd. Microsoft's launch of the X Box One went off without a hitch and is currently selling fairly well. Well, sort of. Certainly not as well as the PlayStation 4, which is selling at a 2:1 margin over the X Box One. Furthermore, the X Box 360 is and was one of the highest selling systems in the United States. Even after being greatly infected by the infuriating red ring of death, people continued to buy the console even with its core system issues, which is actually quite an incredible feat. For over two years, the X Box 360 has dominated the U.S market selling over 78 million units. Finally, Microsoft extended the 360's relevancy by manufacturing the Kinect, even though it has floundered and has changed very little for the gaming future.

Now, why would Microsoft even think of selling their gaming division, after only suffering a few brief hiccups? There have apparently been voices within Microsoft that think it wise to cut bait, liquidize the X Box division, and move on to the sections of the tech industry where they fare better. If this topic would have been addressed a year or two ago, there would have been boisterous laughter, followed by choking, coughing and even more laughing. While the Wii sold more units total, and the PlayStation 3 made a comeback at the tail end and finishing strong, the X Box 360 outperformed the PlayStation 3, establishing itself as the staple gaming console in the U.S and U.K.

Throwing in the towel wouldn't seem like a possibility for the gaming gigantasaur, however there are a few other titans that are vying for a greater stake in gaming, such as Apple, Google and of course Amazon. Out of the three larger companies, there have been whispers and echoes here and there coming from Amazon's corner. Rumors are misleading and inaccurate, which is all this is, however could it be that this online juggernaut is in a position to buy out one of the leading companies in the industry? After all, Amazon has a great knowledge of Cloud based technology, and is no slouch in this department. Similarly, Amazon has been producing their own media console, which uses a Snapdragon processor, and is said to be sold at a projected $300 price point. Even though they are already planning to unveil their new devise by 2014, this wouldn’t mean that they would be uninterested in the X Box name and everything that comes with it.

When the X Box One was being unveiled at E3, Microsoft lost some major street cred after their confusingly unrealistic specs for their new gaming system. With their highly unpopular game sharing requirements, always on internet connection, and mandatory Kinect, the mob quickly turned against Microsoft with torch and pitchfork in hand. Soon after they took it all back, it was difficult for them to regain the momentum they once had, which was quickly and easily absorbed by Sony, making the PlayStation 4 the top selling system in one fluid motion. Not to mention the fact that the X Box One is made up of weaker hardware, but comes at a higher price point than the PS4, the powers that be at Microsoft will need to change their strategy just like Sony had to do a few years ago to keep the PS3 valid.

Amazon is on the rise, and after they consumed Double Helix Games, the ones who brought you Killer Instinct, are they in the position to take over the X Box One? Furthermore, why would Microsoft bow out now after how far they have come? If they would let Amazon come and take what they built, then we should all start buying PlayStation exclusively, because Microsoft has lost their nerve. Sure, the X Box division has stumbled a little. By the way, who wants the Kinect silently watching, staring at you while you reenacting the scene from Risky Business in your underwear? Not I said the fly. The thing looks like HAL from 2001: Space Odyssey. “What are you doing, Dave?”

Whenever a major company has a misstep, they are seen as a wounded Gazelle, while all their competitors are starving Hyenas, gnashing and drooling at the thought of pouncing on the easy prey. Well, Microsoft needs to get back up, slap some war paint on their faces as William Wallace did before them, beat their chests with their keyboards and mouse pads, leap onto those ergonomic chairs, carefully so as to not cause an incident for L&I, stare out at the enemy so they can see the whites of those crazed eyes, and shout, "If you want what we have, let’s see you come take it! Did you hear me? Come and take it!"

Now get down from there, before Michelle from accounting sees those pit stains on your shirt.

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