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Will Microsoft give us a Surface mini next month?

Is this really the surface mini?
Is this really the surface mini?

Even though there has been no official announcement from Redmond-based Microsoft it is starting to look that there will be a surface mini tablet. It was a third party that is selling a cases for the small tablet that listed an two ads, a portfolio an a smart case, on Amazon. Both of the ads have the case available on May 18, 2014 which leads one to believe that surface mini will also be available around midway through next month. If these ads hold true it will mean that the final holdout among the major technology companies will join the small tablet marketplace.

Even though there had been 7-inch tablets before it wasn't until Seattle-based Amazon released the Kindle Fire, in mid November of 2011, that the small tablet market became a serious contender. It wasn't long until rumors starting coming out that Apple, the company that once stated 7-inch tablet are DOA, would be making their own mini tablet. In October of 2012 those rumors proved true when Apple gave us the iPad mini. After that people wondered just how long it would be before the Redmond-based giant would join the party. Then in an April 11, 2013 Report the Wall Street Journal hinted that there was a Surface mini in the works. With it looking as though the Surface mini is coming one question still needs to be asked. is it too late for Microsoft to be competitive?

There had been a few companies making Windows-based tablets when Microsoft decided to put out their own tablet, almost two years ago, dubbed the Surface. The Surface or any of the other Windows-based tablets went on to be a major player in the still growing mobile market. Since that time though Microsoft has gone through some major restructuring including a new CEO that seems to have put some new life into the company. Windows 8/8.1 has also been gaining some ground that could help the company make a splash in the small tablet market. With all of these changes maybe it is the right time for Microsoft to hat in the ring.