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Will Michael Vick survive Sunday's NFL game vs the New York Giants?

Will Michael Vick get injured vs the New York Giants this sunday?
Will Michael Vick get injured vs the New York Giants this sunday?

The conditions are prime for a perfect storm.

Michael Vick went on record today to state that his offensive line and line coach Howard Mudd are responsible for his struggles this season.

I'm guessing the linemen, you know, the guys who protect Vick's blindside aren't very happy about this.

As luck would have it, Vick is scheduled to start in Nick Foles absence this sunday vs sa very mad team some of you may recall were the world champions a season ago.

Things aren't looking up for Vick from where I'm sitting.

The last thing you want to do as an NFL QB is to alienate your offensive line. These guys have a QB's life in their hands. This would not be a wise move by Vick at any time to announce this to random public but the timing just before the final game of the season is a real head scratcher.

I am certainly not hoping any harm on Michael Vick, I just would't be surprised if he took a few more big hits than usual this sunday, his last game as an Eagle.

Does anyone know who Vick's backup will be with Foles out? He better be ready to play, whoever he is.


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