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Will Michael Jordan please stop torturing the Pacers

Will Michael Jordan please stop beating the Pacers?
Will Michael Jordan please stop beating the Pacers?

Please Mr. Jordan, we Pacers fans just want a shot at a title.

Just one.

It's bad enough that we had to sit through ten years of second place finishes here in Indy, finishes that cost our beloved Reggie Miller a shot at a championship ring, while you completely dominated the league in the 90s. But now you want to continue your cruel and unusual punishment of the Pacers as an NBA owner?


Why did you have to go all "Jordanesque" on the Pacers in last night's NBA Draft? Why did you have to be all slick and draft Shabazz Napier two picks before the Miami Heat, only to trade him to the Heat a couple hours later?

I guess, Mr. Jordan, that last question is somewhat rhetorical, because we all know why: You and Lebron James are in collusion as members of some kind of "Legion of Doom" circle that only elite athletes are a part of, and humble Larry Bird, and the rest of us fans here in lowly Indiana, can't come to the party.

See, I can see how it went down now, Mike.

You knew that when Lebron James announced his free agency earlier this week that he wasn't going anywhere; he was just playing a game to get what he wanted. And, what he has wanted in Miami for some time now is a true point guard that can make the Heat offense tick.

You, his "airness", saw the tweets of Lebron confessing his love for Napier, and you knew that because the Charlotte Hornets picked two spots ahead of the Heat that you could gain the upper hand in the situation.

It was the right time for the perfect crime.

I can picture the Ocean's Eleven music playing in the background while you're retelling the story to friends on the golf course (probably down a few grand, too) of Lebron announcing his free agency; Heat GM Pat Riley begging Lebron to stay; Lebron stating he needs Napier or he's gone, and then James making the call to you to tell you the game is afoot.

And the whole thing, tragically for Pacers fans, went perfectly as planned. James got the player he wanted; you got the picks, and we the fans of the Pacers got to sit there watching it all go down on our TVs, screaming at the monitor like Andy Garcia in that safe-room in Ocean's Thirteen.

And now, the Lebron free agency legacy is all but over. He's staying in Miami, the team that has knocked the Pacers out of the playoffs the last three years, with a new very, very talented young point guard.

And what did the Pacers get in the draft last night? Well, with the 57th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Pacers drafted some unknown guy from somewhere in Europe and promptly traded him to the Knicks.

So, no one.

And, Larry Bird confirmed what we saw last year is what we're getting, as he stated in an interview today that he is content with riding out next season with the same group of players.

Great, looks like you got Bird's Big Mac once again, MJ.

I hate to write this, but at the end of last night's draft, the Heat just got a whole lot better and the Pacers stayed the same.

But there is hope for the Pacers. The Pacers are young and still maturing, while the Heat are getting older by the day. And while the San Antonio Spurs have shown, time and time again, that age is just a number, the Heat have exhibited some signs of wear and tear - specifically, in James' partner in crime, Dwayne Wade.

Maybe, just maybe, the 2014-15 NBA season might be the one where the Heat's ship starts sinking, and despite the addition of Napier, the rest of the team is just too old. And maybe, just maybe, this is the year that the Pacers ripen and live up to the expectations of their talent.

I suppose, only time will tell. Until then, I hate you Michael Jordan.

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