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Will Michael Irvin's poke wake up Roy Williams?

Roy Williams says his fire is lit after harsh comments from Hall of Fame receiver
Roy Williams says his fire is lit after harsh comments from Hall of Fame receiver
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Roy Williams says he is fired up.

Former Dallas Cowboys great wide receiver Michael Irvin said that when Williams is on the field it's a game of 10 vs 11.

"That lit my fire," Williams tells the DMN

What fire is that, Roy? I won't armchair quarterback your two seasons with the Dallas Cowboys because I have no clue why you cannot succeed in that offense. Yes, Williams had seven touchdowns out of his 38 receptions last year, but he was not a useful weapon for the Cowboys offense. In his first half season with the Cowboys, he flopped. That put egg on the face of owner Jerry Jones, who paid a high price to bring in Williams halfway through the season. 

Williams said that offseason he would improve. Reporters focused on Tony Romo and Roy Williams during the preseason and all things looked fine. Well, his stats improved, but Williams still did not come close to showing any potential that he is a No. 1 receiver in the NFL

So, Michael Irvin pokes him with the comment. It is no secret that Irvin and Deion Sanders are close to the rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant.

There wouldn't be one Cowboys fan with a frown if Dez Bryant came in and stole Williams' job. 

But that's what football games are all about. This is what pro athletes get rich off of--their talent. Williams now has a young kid pestering him off the team. Yet, that's the destiny he wrote because of his performance since he put on a Cowboys helmet. 

We've heard you make these vows, Roy Williams. Make a statement on the field. 


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