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Will 'Law and Order: SVU' be renewed for Season 16?

Mariska Hargitay
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Season 15 of “Law and Order: SVU” has been one of the best. Mariska Hargitay has gone above and beyond in her role as Olivia Benson, and fans are loving it. Last year NBC renewed “Law and Order: SVU” early on and this year a renewal is still pending. According to an April 11 report from Deadline, the hold up is due to budget constraints. Dick Wolf (the creator) would have to take a decrease in pay and he is currently not willing to budge.

Besides Dick Wolf, Mariska Hargitay's contract expires with the end of Season 15. She has been on the show since the beginning and has quite a following. “Law and Order: SVU” had some speed bumps when Christopher Meloni left, but Hargitay and the writers were able to pull off a successful season. If NBC decides to renew the show, they will have to secure Hargitay and that will cost a pretty penny.

Fans have been tweeting using the hash-tag #RenewSVU for several weeks now. The search on Twitter yields thousands of tweets from various users. The fact that “Law and Order: SVU” could potentially be canceled has fans in a tizzy. The show has become a staple for many and the disappearance of it will cause an uproar NBC may not want to deal with.

When the news of a renewal or cancellation comes for “Law and Order: SVU,” fans will certainly have something to say. Rumors are swirling indicating a decision could be made as early as this upcoming week. If NBC decides to pull the plug, fans are hoping the finale will be something spectacular that won't be forgotten. Chances are the network will allow the series to play out for a final season in order to wrap up loose ends. “Law and Order: SVU” will have everyone talking one way or another, but fans are hoping for the best.

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