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Will Jennifer Lopez dump Casper Smart for D&G hunk David Gandy?

Jennifer Lopez is engaged in a hot scene with model David Gandy. Is this the start of new love affair? We hope so.
Jennifer Lopez is engaged in a hot scene with model David Gandy. Is this the start of new love affair? We hope so.

David Gandy will play actress Jennifer Lopez' love interest in her new upcoming video entitled "First Love," Vogue is reporting today. "First Love" will appear on her new album "A.K.A," which is set to be released in June. A still of the new video shows the pair engaged in a steamy embrace, leading many to wonder if a new love affair between the two could be on the horizon. Jennifer Lopez' reputation of striking up love affairs with handsome dancers, actors and waiters is well documented. Fans who have kept up with the curvaceous Latina's career and romantic interests over the last decade know for Lopez: this is how it always starts.

The chemistry between David Gandy and Jennifer Lopez is sure to have people talking. The last time fans have seen that kind of chemistry was in P. Diddy's music video in 1998. Yes, It's been a long time, so the thought of Jennifer Lopez and David Gandy embarking on a new love affair is certainly exciting.

This is especially true since her present boyfriend, Casper Smart, has been absent from many of the latest photos with the singer. Fans of the former "Selena" actress say they don't mind that she hasn't been seen with Casper as much in the last few weeks because "she never looks happy with him," said an observer. In a recent morning show interview with Elvis Duran, Jennifer Lopez smiled as she talked about D&G model David Gandy, stating that he was a really "famous model," and that he was a "great guy" to work with.

Are we reading too much into it? Perhaps. But one thing fans know for sure----nothing cures Jennifer Lopez' boredom in a relationship more than a new co-star. Pow! For those who can't remember, here is a brief Jennifer Lopez timeline and recap of some of her steamiest affairs.

Jennifer Lopez past boyfriends timeline: In 1997, Jennifer Lopez met Ojani Noa, a handsome waiter working in a restaurant in Miami. The relationship with Ojani Noa lasted just under a year, leaving him with only memories of his steamy nights with her. In February 1998: Jennifer Lopez began a torrid affair with Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, who was known back then as 'Puffy' aka 'Puff Daddy.'

Rumors began circulating when Combs' video "Been Around the World" first debuted. The day it aired, fans immediately began whispering about the chemistry the two had on screen. Shortly after, the magazines confirmed the rumor to be true. The "Been Around the World" music video premiered just weeks after it was announced that Combs' girlfriend, Kim Porter, was due to have the couple's first baby in May of that year. But by the time May rolled around, J.Lo and Puffy were engaged in a scandalous affair, which lasted a little over two years, according to Popsugar.

In 2001, Jennifer Lopez began an affair with Chris Judd, a back-up dancer for Lopez. By November of 2001, it was rumored that she had already started an affair with co-star Ben Affleck during the filming of "Gigli." Jennifer Lopez' longest relationships were with high school boyfriend, David Cruz, which lasted 10 years---and ex-husband, Marc Anthony, which lasted just under seven years.

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