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Will Jason Greenslate smoke weed on your dime too?

Late last year I profiled Jason Greenslate of San Diego, California, who was covered in the Fox News special about the current state of welfare programs, who is perfectly happy to cash in $200 worth of food stamps benefits via the SNAP program that you pay for via your federal taxes. Now consider the fact the marijuana is legal in California, pretty much, and the so-called medical usage of the drug has been legal there for quite some time.

Jason Greenslate profiled in Fox News special on welfare abuse

Now all Jason Greenslate needs to do is get himself signed up for ObamaCare, if he can stay straight for just enough time to successfully enroll after maybe ten or twenty times trying to sign up at the California ObamaCare exchange web site. Then all he needs to do is find a doctor who will diagnose him with some condition for which he will be prescribed so-called medical majijuana. Wow man. Jason Greenslate will say, “thanks to you generous taxpayers who give me $200 in SNAP each money, I'll be thinking of you all when I roll a big blunt tonight and get stoned.”

How many of you want to go on The Program and get covered for food, and medicine, and all your health care needs, and much more, and be able to get stoned every night? Isn't the new socialism great? From each according to his ability to sit around and do nothing, to each according to his need to sit around and get stoned every night?

The problem with socialism, as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom once pointed out, is that we run out of other people's money, at some point, to keep paying Jason Greenslate for his lobster, sushi, and marijuana. When enough people figure out they can vote for the politicians who will give them, for doing nothing, what we're giving Jason Greenslate (and the infamous Bill from West Hartford, for those of you who listen to Howie Carr and Jeff Kuhner in Boston), there will be more citizens taking from the system rather than paying taxes and the whole system will collapse financially.

That's exactly what Barack Obama wants. See the Cloward-Piven theory, which basically says that when the system can't support all the demands placed on it, the only alternative will be full socialism. But the problem with that theory is, if the people are well informed at the time, is they might vote for politicians who will put a free market-based solution in place as the alternative to this socialism.

We need a safety net for the people that are trying to make on their own, and because the lack of jobs being created by this economy damaged by Obama's short-sighted politicies, need help to get by right now. But Jason Greenslate is not an example of that, he's just taking advantage of the system because he can do it. But if you'll allow, he'll be happy to roll a phat blunt and get stoned on your dime. If you will pay for his “medical marijuana.”

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