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Will Jake 'the Snake' Roberts pro wrestling comeback be thwarted by cancer?

Professional wrestler Jake 'the Snake' Roberts is fighting a cancer scare. In a new celebrity health and news report released by the entertainment news source TMZ on Feb. 23, 2014, the legendary athlete will be undergoing medical treatment to remove a tumor from his knee.

Famous wrestler Jake the Snake Roberts is fighting cancer. The professional athlete revealed he will be undergoing emergency surgery in 2014 to remove a tumor.

Bleacher Reports, one of the original sources reporting more about the sports story, shared the following medical update about Jake's cancer scare. They also revealed on Feb. 23, that he will be undergoing emergency surgery to remove a tumor from a place that definitely has the potential to affect his ability to wrestle professionally: his knee.

The type of cancerous growth the former bad boy of the 1980s wrestling ring actually has hasn't been formally addressed yet. However, early reports indicate that a cancerous lesion was found on the back of his leg appears to have grown into the muscle either around or behind the knee already.

Robert's -- a man knowing for his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction over the years -- was shunned for many years in the professional wrestling community. However, since cleaning his act up, he was recently, "[made] an inductee as a member of the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame class during a ceremony held the night before WrestleMania XXX and airing on the WWE Network..." according to the folks at Bleacher Report.

Most of the media outlets covering his candid admission to the press that he is going through a health scare right now (ranging from Hollywood Life to Wrestlezone) are expressing support for the former WWF superstar and his family while they are going through what is sure to be a disconcerting time, one that is sure to be thwarting his best efforts at this time to make a career comeback.

The condition of his leg will not be known until after the surgery. Roberts is expected to undergo further diagnostic and cancer treatments as well as physical therapy.

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