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Will Jack Be Back for Good?

24: Live Another Day
24: Live Another Day

Could there be more ‘24’ episodes after the May premiere of ’24: Live Another Day?’ Well, there could be according to exec producer Howard Gordon. Gordon told IGN that after the limited series run, another limited series or spinoff is possible if there are more stories to be told.

More stories to be told? All of us addicted fans know there are always more stories to be no matter how unoriginal the plot may be (threats of terrorist attacks, a mole within the organization and Jack Bauer saving the universe). We never get enough. We don’t care so long as we get that adrenaline rush ‘24’ is known to cause while our heartbeat races and one long vein throbs visibly through our foreheads. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Also, Jack’s beloved Chloe may appear to look quite different to viewers. In fact, you may think she’s doing a crossover from ‘Gotham’ once you take a gander at her. Jack isn’t the only one who has gone “dark” sort to speak.

24: Live Another Day’ is being shot in London and follows the exploits of Jack Bauer as he tries to prevent yet another terrorist attack.