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Will Hillary win over Iowa in time for 2016?

Are you ready for Hillary in 2016?
Are you ready for Hillary in 2016?
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton appears to be positioning her focus on the Midwest lately, according to recent news reports, and it's likely because of her presumed plan to run for president in 2016. She doesn't have the best history with this region, coming in third back in 2008 in Iowa when she ran for the democratic nomination against John Edwards and Barack Obama. So her current presence in the Midwest is indicative of a strategic political decision that may give her the winning edge come time to run for presidency. She already has one reason to reestablish a connection with this region: She was born in Illinois.

In regards to a potential bid for presidency, this news report predicts that no Democrat wants to run against her. Strong political figures could actually stand a chance against the former FLOTUS include Elizabeth Warren and Deval Patrick -- both excellent choices for Democrats -- but neither of these figures have shown much interest in a 2016 run for presidency. The politicians who are interested, on the other hand, don't really stand much of a chance at all against Hillary: Martin O'Malley, Bernie Sanders and Brian Schweitzer. Furthermore, Joe Biden probably won't be encouraged to run if Hillary runs, because his approval ratings are so low.

If Hillary Clinton does end up running, then establishing a firm following in Ohio, Iowa and the rest of the Midwestern portion of the country will be a strategy that may land her back in the White House -- and this time, she'll be the one sitting in the Oval Office. Of course, her potential run for presidency won't be free of controversy. That's where she'll face challenges in Iowa and surrounding states; In particular regarding Benghazi.