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Will Hayden 'Sons of Guns' accused of child molestation

Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

Fans of the show "Sons of Guns" are shocked today to hear that Will Hayden has been accused of child molestation. On Monday, Fox News shared about what was going on with this reality TV star. He was actually arrested last Friday by East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputies.

A woman actually accused of him of molesting his own daughter. This is the charges that he was picked up on. Will Hayden posted a bond for $150,000 and was released from jail the next day. He will be heading to court to face the charges though. His lawyer is speaking out saying that someone that he fired is upset and that is why they reported these allegations.

New York Daily News shared that the woman who reported it is the mother of one of his daughters. He is raising this daughter with his new wife. The child was interviews and was allowed to go back home again with her father Will Hayden.

At this time, Will Hayden is not admitting to anything at all. His lawyer said that he believes that these accusations are totally false and makes it sound like there is no reason to believe them at all.

There are no reports of if his daughter is saying it really happened or not. His daughter Stephanie helps run the business with him on the show but she is over 18 so it would not be her that they are talking about in these charges.

The show "Sons of Guns" has been airing on Discovery channel. This reality show follows Red Jacket Firearms where Hayden worked as they do their day to day job. He has been on this show since 2011, but right now they are not airing new episodes. So far Hayden and Discovery are both refusing to give a statement about the child molestation charges.

Update: Will was arrested again now on charges of rape.

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