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Will Hayden, 'Sons of Guns' accused of child molestation

Will Hayden
Will Hayden
Discovery Channel

Will Hayden, star of “Sons of Guns” was arrested late Friday night or early Saturday morning. The charges against him were child molestation.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office reports that they arrested Will on charges of child molestation and a crime against nature, an aggravated offense. Will made the $150,000 bail bond and they released him the same day.

Will is the founder of the Red Jacket Firearms. He is also the gunsmith who supplies many of the guns shown on the series “Sons of Guns.”

Will insists that the accusations made against him are not true. He told TMZ that his ex-girlfriend falsely accused him of molesting their child because he broke things off with her. The ex-girlfriend went to authorities about two weeks before his arrest to press charges against him. However, Fox news reports that according to Will’s lawyer, Frank Holthaus, a fired ex-employee made the allegations against Will. She did it for revenge.

Child Protective Services removed the child out of the home and interviewed her for signs of molestation. Patriot Promotions issued a statement on child abuse claims. They said, “The child in question was properly interviewed by child services and an arrest was made, as part of standard procedure, which is done routinely in many states. Mr. Hayden fully cooperated with law enforcement and the child was subjected to questioning, as is also routine at the child advocacy center. She was then released to return back into the Hayden home, as there was no evidence or indication of any forms of abuse."

The statement continues to claim they have a good idea of the person's identity accusing Will of this crime, but they decline to divulge the information until they are sure.

Will’s other daughter, Stephanie, came to her father’s defense. She told TMZ, "There was never any impropriety in our home. He was and is a good father." She claims that her father, Will, has never abused or neglected any of his children.

“Sons of Guns” is on the Discovery Channel, although right now, it is not on the air. Will has returned to work of gunsmithing.

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