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Will Hayden's 'Sons Of Guns' show cancelled due to child rape charges

Will Haden's show 'Sons Of Guns' has been cancelled
Will Haden's show 'Sons Of Guns' has been cancelled

Will Hayden's hit reality television show 'Sons of Guns' has been cancelled by Discovery, TMZ is reporting today. Will Hayden had come under fire after his arrest earlier this month for molesting his daughter. The Inquisitr reported that the 44-year-old 'Sons Of Guns' star was accused of molesting his daughter by his ex-girlfriend and mother of his young daughter.

After posting bond, Will Hayden stated that the charges were false and the accusations were all lies trumped up by his ex-girlfriend. According to Hayden, the mother of the child in question, was angry over the breakup, and the fact that her daughter would be spending time with Will Hayden and his new woman.

A Discovery channel representative confirmed the show's cancellation to TMZ. The source stated that the seriousness of the accusations left them no choice but to stop production and cancel the show.Will Hayden's older daughter does not believe the child molestation allegations, and stated that her father was a good man who never acted in an inappropriate way, according to Fox News.

Documents obtained by TMZ show that the victim stated that her father, Will Hayden, had taken her virginity last year, and had sex with her orally and vaginally, leading investigators to add a charge of child rape to Will Hayden's current charges.

'Sons Of Guns' television viewers had supported Will Hayden and had refused to believe the charges against him. The latest information and the second arrest has left little doubt of the validity of the 12-year-old victim's accusations.