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Will Hayden from 'Sons of Guns' arrested, accused of child molestation

Will Hayden of Red Jacket Firearms answers questions from Guns & Ammo forum members.
Will Hayden of Red Jacket Firearms answers questions from Guns & Ammo forum members.
Video Screenshot by YouTube user Guns & Ammo

"Sons of Guns" cast member Will Hayden was arrested over the weekend and charged with alleged molestation of a child and a crime against nature, according to WMBF News on Monday. Will Hayden is the founder and owner of Red Jacket Firearms in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was arrested in Louisiana on Saturday. Hayden reportedly told TMZ that all allegations are false.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff's deputies arrested and charged 44-year-old Hayden with child molestation, an aggravated offense. Hayden insists the charges against him are false and come from a bitter ex-girlfriend. Apparently, the woman went to police saying Hayden had abused their daughter.

Hayden claims she falsely accused him in retaliation for ending their relationship. The main gunsmith on the Discovery Channel's reality TV series "Sons of Guns" was booked in the EBR Parish Jail on Saturday but later released after posting $150,000 bond. His daughter was interviewed by Child Protective Services and returned to his home. Hayden is reportedly raising the daughter he was accused of molesting with his new wife.

Hayden told TMZ that his ex-girlfriend went to cops with the story of child molestation more than a week ago. He also told TMZ that he is fully cooperating with authorities. Hayden's older daughter Stephanie says there was never any impropriety in their home and that Hayden is "a good father."

"Sons of Guns" follows the specialized gun builds at Red Jacket Firearms LLC, Hayden's Louisiana-based business that manufactures and sells customs weapons. Hayden is founder and owner of the shop, while his daughter and business partner, Stephanie, manages the office. The Discovery Channel reality series premiered in 2011 and began filming in 2013 for its fifth season. The staff of Red Jacket specializes in customizing AK-47 rifles and also explores aspects of historic and classic weapons.