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Will Hayden arrest: 'Sons of Guns' star arrested for allegedly raping a minor

Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

Will Hayden of "Sons of Guns" on Discovery is in some pretty big legal trouble now. On Wednesday, Fox News shared about how this reality TV star was arrested for allegedly having sex with a minor ever since he took her virginity at the age of 11. His daughter is now reporting that this was going on almost daily.

This young girl said that she didn't report it at first because she was afraid he would hurt her. She is saying that he raped at her age at the age of 11 and it was ongoing up until July of this year. At this time, Will Hayden is in jail on a $250,000 bond.

Red Jacket Firearms LLC, the company that the Discovery channel show was about, is speaking out and says that they have initiated and received full legal separation as an entity. This looks like they are trying to save their reputation. They will still be helping customers out.

Fox News shared that Discovery made the decision to cancel "Sons of Guns" over this news. The network put out a statement after his arrest that said, "Given the serious and horrific nature of the charges against Will Hayden, we have decided to halt further production of 'Sons of Guns' and cancel the series." The show had been taking a break from filming anyway, but now it won't be back at all.

New York Daily News shared that he was arrested earlier this month on a suspicion of child molestation. The new charges up against Will Hayden are a lot more serious though. His other daughter Stephanie has been defending him and says that nothing like this happened in her home.