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Will Guitar Hero boost sheet music sales?


In an effort to capitalize on modern times, sheet music companies are attempting to piggyback on the ever growing Guitar Hero/Rock Band craze by using it as a vehicle to drive sales. Sheet Music Plus manufactures songbooks for guitar, piano, etc and has revealed their intentions to help multitudes of video game hacks “channel their passion(s) into becoming active musicians.” A clever idea but will it work?

There are actually no Guitar Hero/Rock Band tabs or even a section to access said tablature and sheet music. Instead, random searches may turn up certain selections from the games that can usually be ordered as part of larger sheet music collections. Hal Leonard produces volumes of these based on collections of songs from the games featuring rock standards by AC/DC, Motley Crue, The Beatles and David Bowie (amongst the now seemingly billions of others).

While it’s certainly safe to say that Guitar Hero/Rock Band has become a recreational juggernaut, one can only wonder if this mania will translate into fans actually picking up real guitars, bass and drums. An untested local theory assumes that real musicians are generally pretty crappy at these games while the non-musician public tends to rip it up in virtuosic fashion on a regular basis. Should even half the Guitar Hero fanatics transition into tried and true musicians, the Earth will be overflowing with droves of aspiring rockers. A scary thought to be sure.

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