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Will Grant Wilson guest star on ‘Ghost Hunters’ 10-year anniversary episode?

Will Grant Wilson return to "Ghost Hunters" for 10 year anniversary?
Will Grant Wilson return to "Ghost Hunters" for 10 year anniversary?
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In the most recent episode of “Ghost Hunters”, a brief clip of the next season suggested that a big surprise was in store for viewers in the fall on their 10-year anniversary show. From the reaction of Amy Bruni and other “Ghost Hunters” team members, it appeared that someone they knew well was about to exit the van.

This fan immediately wondered if the surprise might be a guest appearance by Grant Wilson. Grant Wilson co-founded TAPS with Jason Hawes and served as lead investigator for “Ghost Hunters” for eight seasons before leaving the show in May 2012 to pursue other interests.

According to both Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, Grant has maintained a friendship with Jason despite leaving the show “Ghost Hunters”. He has also continued to do paranormal investigations independent of the show.

Since Grant’s departure from the show, fans have repeatedly asked him when and if he would return to “Ghost Hunters” and suggested that he make guest appearances. In fact, Grant posted about the possibility of a guest appearance on his Facebook page recently.

“Guys, of COURSE I'd consider a guest appearance on Ghost Hunters! Those guys are my buds! Just can't handle the crazy schedule!” says Grant.

Although no one is talking, and SyFy isn’t likely to let the cat out of the bag any time soon, it certainly appears as though “Ghost Hunters” fans can look forward to seeing Grant Wilson again sometime soon. What better time would there be for him to drop by the show than on their 10-year anniversary in the fall?

What do you think? Will Grant Wilson join the “Ghost Hunters” team for the big 10-year anniversary episode in the fall or is SyFy leading us astray?


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