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Will gay Republicans expose liberal hypocrisy?

It is likely this year we will see the first openly gay Republican sent to Congress while the GOP will add seats to its majority because of the growing unpopularity of Democrat policies and the current administration. Our old pal Kevin DuJan, via his blogsite, has published an article by Robert James asking this question earlier this year. It's an interesting issue, especially because, it will proven again what has been repeated in this column so many times, that liberalism equals hypocrisy.

Gay Republicans seeking seats in Congress will expose liberal hypocrisy

The article mentions three possible gay Republicans who could get elected to Congress, including Dan Innis (Dean of the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire), former State Senator Richard Tisei who nearly defeated John Tierney in Massachusetts in 2012, and Carl DeMaio, a former San Diego city councilman and businessman who is running for Congress in California.

James writes in the article, “None of these men are making their sexuality part of their campaign. It will be interesting to see what the liberals do, should these men make it through the GOP primaries. Kevin has often pointed out that liberals reveal their ultimate hypocrisy when faced with an opponent who would traditionally be a liberal. As a living example, DeMaio and his partner were booed while walking in the Gay Pride parade, because DeMaio is a Republican and was running for Mayor.”

Clearly the issue exposes the hypocrisy of the left when a gay Republican is booed not for his sexual lifestyle but his political affiliation. The issue doesn't just expose the hypocrisy of the far left, but it raises questions for us on the conservative side to ponder as well.

James challenges conservatives to think about these issues, writing, “So if you’re one of those conservatives who would rather see a Democrat win than vote for a gay Republican, I invite you to reconsider. Feel free to post (respectfully) and we can debate our positions.”

James raises an interesting questions that we as conservatives should consider. I know some will react by saying that a gay man can't be conservative because the gay lifestyle is not itself conservative, the argument goes. I don't agree with this. Regardless of my own views on homosexuality, I do acknowledge that a gay man can be conservative and go to Congress and vote with conservatives members far more often than liberal Democrats. If I were living in John Tierney's distrct, he's the member of Congress whose wife went to jail for fraud charges and many believe he at least had knowledge if not involvement in her scam, I absolutely would vote that dirtbag out of office and vote for Richard Tisei instead.

The bottom line is, the more conservative candidate, in a two-way race, is the better option, regardless of whether the more conservative candidate is gay or straight. I think most conservatives would agree. Of course, the far left media would love to exploit that issue and alleged hypocrisy on the right in regard to gay Republicans running for Congress or other offices. But it just does't exist. The real hypocrisy is on the left, quite apparent when a gay Republican is booed by left-wing gays and other liberals in general for being Republican. For the far left, homosexuals are a “minority” and a key constituency for them, and any members of that group are expected to toe the line and remain on the Plantation of Modern Liberalism, otherwise they are traitors, Uncle Toms, etc. The far left loves to call others the racists, sexuasts, homophobes, and what not, but they prove themselves to be the true hypocrites and bigots.

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