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Will Faith No More do a U.S. Tour?


Faith No More was a revelation to the music world.  They came out with their own sound; fusing together rock, funk, progressive, techno, and even a little hip-hop into a unique and original music-gumbo.  They quite literally set the stage for other acts to follow, birthing the movement of Nu Metal and giving us all something to bang our heads, mosh, or do the running-man to. 

What the hell is that noise that sounds like a horde of bikes driving over gravel?  Listen closely and you will find it's the teeth gritting of thousands of Faith No More fans here in the U.S. waiting to hear if the band will do an American tour. 

Of course this information is still up in the air and if there is going to be a trip to the states, it is being kept very hush hush.  Ever since the announcement came back in February that Faith No More would reunite for the first time in eleven years and tour only in Europe, fans here in the US of A have been clamoring louder than church bells on Easter Sunday. It sounds a lot like cold hard cash begging to be spent on tickets and band merchandise, and let's face it, can that really be ignored by anyone?

Back when their tour was being announced, it was said that a US tour was not out of the question, and then later on it seemed that everyone had given up hope when it was deemed a "European tour".  Let's think about this though.  They also said they would never get back together in the first place.  And beginning in October, they have already lined up dates that are stretching beyond Europe to South America and Australia.  It's unlikely that the United States is going to be the skinny stray cat on the side of the road dying of Faith No More starvation and more likely that FNM is waiting for the right time to announce it to generate as much excitement as they did with their original reunion news.  Roddy Bottum posted on his Twitter account that "So many tweeters asking about US dates.  We’ve talked about it but nothing’s yet in the books. Y’all will be the first to know.”  It certainly sounds hopeful, because if the answer was absolutely no when it comes to U.S. dates, we wouldn't have anything more we would need to know, now would we?  Either way...we want it all and we can't help it.

Video:  Faith No More - 2009 Festival Video:  The entire set of a recent show, for your viewing pleasure.  Even if they don't come to the states, at least you can get a taste of their tour. 

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  • MC 5 years ago

    "Birthing the movement of Nu Metal?"

    I don't think so.

  • Matt 5 years ago

    They better come to the US. I'd be really mad if they didn't.

  • Kathy 5 years ago

    Great video! Thanks for posting that and great article!

  • BD 5 years ago

    They and mr. bungle were huge influences to many bands like slipknot, Korn, System of a down, Incubus and about 20 other poser bands just like them. Even those bands admit it. Anyone over 30 years old knows that!

  • BD 5 years ago

    Oh and yes great video and please come to US WE MISS and NEED YOU

  • Gus, Tinley Park IL 5 years ago

    It's nice to see Faith No More getting some attention--and respect--from the American media. I was beginning to think I was the only non-European/Australian who cared about the greatest band with--by far--the greatest singer/entertainer in the world.

    If they come to the States I will be there, no matter how far away, how small the venue, and how few people are there. Patton alone is worth it, but throw in a gay pianist, a drummer named Puffy, an extremely underated bass guitar player, and even the wrong guitarist (the right one is off growing pumpkins somewhere), and you've got the most talented freak show this side of...well, anywhere!

  • Sammy 5 years ago

    The photo is an old one, with Dean Menta as guitarist. I don't know if Jim could even play the new songs -he barely was able to play on Angel Dust, with Billy doing most of the guitar parts, so I don't think the reunion tour is with the wrong guitar player.

  • Kevin N. 5 years ago

    thank you so much for writing on this topic. I would think that with the Australian tour starting in February and the South American tour ending in November, there is the possibility they culd do a handful of smaller shows in the U.S. in Dec/Jan or they are waiting to do a larger scale tour in the Summer of 2010 (OZZfest '10 perhaps? if there even is one). Either way I'm parying they play New York as they are the only band I have yet to see that I would like to.