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Will ‘Driveclub’ ever be released?


Back in February of 2013 when the PlayStation 4 was announced, one of the most exciting titles to be released on launch day was the Sony-exclusive title Driveclub; however, since then fans have seen this title’s release date change. And now it has changed again.

After Sony confirmed in October of 2013, just a month away from the new console’s release, that Driveclub would not be ready for release, it cast a shadow of doubt into peoples’ minds: “How could a game that was developed in-house not be ready?” Thankfully it wasn’t too long after when Evolution Studios announced it would be ready to go by the end of the second quarter of 2014 also known as June 30th.

Although June 30th was simply a placeholder date until an actual date could be confirmed, gamers expected it to be ready in May; however, Sony has confirmed that the game is going “back to the drawing board” which does not bode well for the future of the former launch title.

Now with the release date being pushed back one more time, it begs the question of “will Driveclub ever be released?” A game that was supposed to be free for PlayStation Plus members within the first three months of the PlayStation 4’s release may never see the light of day as it continues to struggle. Now Sony and Evolution Studios will have to ask, “Is Driveclub still worth making?”