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Will Detroiters take back their city?

After another election with low voter turnout, will the citizens and business leaders of Detroit take the necessary steps to rebuild Detroit as a livable, sustainable big city (  I believe with Mayor Bing and Robert Bobb in place, you have two leaders with the vision and integrity necessary to move Detroit forward.  But they cannot succeed without the help of the citizens as well as the city council and school board.

The success of Detroit is important to Michigan because of the image much of the nation has of Michigan and Detroit.  Most people here the name "Michigan" and relate that to Detroit and vice versa.  Obviously, our state and the city of Detroit have been in a downward spiral for many years due to lack of leadership and the lack of involvement of the citizenry and business community.  Will Detroiters, and Michiganders as well, finally say enough is enough and take back the city from the corrupt and the crooked?  That is the only way to move Detroit forward.

With the leadership of Bobb and Bing, at least most of what has been seen so far, it appears they truly know that accountable business practices and a zero tolerance for corruption and excuse making is a strong step in the right direction.  But will they constantly do battle with the boards/council as well as the employees of the DPS and city of Detroit?

One thing to know:  just like I told Midland government employees a few years ago when I was a commissioner, I would gladly do any two similar jobs for the price of one in Midland.  And I would guess there are many unemployed private sector people like me who would gladly have a city job in Detroit and replace two for one there as well.

Best of wishes for Detroiters and their leadership as well.  We need some positive news in this state.  And if Detroiters will grab this oppportunity to take back their city square inch by square inch and hold the ones responsible for failed budgets and corruption accountable, then Detroit has a chance to turn the corner towards progress.  If the same squabbling and mismanagement continues, just expect Detroit to spiral deeper out of relevance.

Detroiters can step up and help the Mayor and Mr. Bobb take back the city.  They cannot do it alone.


  • Kim 5 years ago

    Just a couple things: I read this article expecting it to be a hopeful commentary on all of the new council members-elect. I am personally looking forward to the change; new council president, 2/3 incumbents were the lowest vote getters, and unlike you, I live 3 miles from the city.

    And another, these mid-term elections always receive low turnout. Yes, some may argue that Detroit had more at stake than other cities, but when you compare Detroit's turnout to it's neighboring cities, they had much higher voter turnout. The city I live in had a hotly contested referandum,city commission elections and only 17% turnout yesterday. Midland had 13% turnout at their last election in May.