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Will Dennis Rodman’s ‘Basketball Diplomacy’ Win Over North Korean Dictator?

Will Dennis Rodman’s ‘Basketball Diplomacy’ Win Over North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un?
Will Dennis Rodman’s ‘Basketball Diplomacy’ Win Over North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un?
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Former NBA basketball champion Dennis Rodman has launched a new basketball diplomacy effort by picking former NBA basketball players for a North Korean basketball exhibition game. The American players will play against North Korea’s top basketball stars in the upcoming game.

Rodman, who is not shy about calling North Korean dictator and leader Kim Jong Un his “friend for life” is going to Pyongyang in celebration of Jong Un’s January 8th birthday, according to Fox News.

Should anyone in America really care about this move by Rodman to use a basketball game as a diplomatic way to ease tensions between the United States and North Korea? In a word: NO!

It seems clear that for the past two decades Rodman has been a man and basketball player in pursuit of his own mind-bending absurdities and by establishing a friendship with the 30-year-old leader Rodman is simply now over his head. The former basketball star has been questioned on several occasions about using his friendship with the North Korean leader to ease some that nation’s horrendous human rights problems like the “indiscriminate killings, torture and rapes,” reports Fox News.

Yet, this basketball player seems to be either oblivious or simply operating in another physical universe. He recently commented that even with the recent horrendous murder of Kim’s uncle by way of feeding him to a pack of hungry dogs was not his concern.

So in truth, what is Rodman’s concern and what does he hope to accomplish with his so-called “Basketball Diplomacy?”

Charles D. Smith, who is a former player for the New York Knicks, offered a bit of insight into the mind and rationale for Rodman’s basketball diplomacy. Smith commented that, “Cultural exchange is about sharing. Sharing ideas and thoughts on education, culture and life,” reported Fox News.

Well, there you have it, culture and life in a closed dictatorial state where life and ideas and thoughts are dangerous to have and even more dangerous to expose to the government, under threat of arrest or death. Seems Dennis Rodman has backed the wrong pony.

Perhaps the championship basketball player should take off his ever present sunglasses and open up his eyes to just who his “friend for life” truly is. And, word of advice for Dennis: Don’t make any off the cuff jokes about Jong Un’s size or ability to dunk… oops watch out for stray hungry dogs.

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