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Will Dennis Nguyen be a win for Minnesota?

Dennis Nguyen hopes to win Minnesota

“I am not a career politician. I am like many of you: a son, parent, neighbor, business person, taxpayer and an involved member of our community. I think people are seeking solutions from their government and want someone with new ideas and experience from the business world. I hope you will join us in this campaign to reinvigorate the American Dream for our children and grandchildren,” Dennis Nguyen says about himself on his website.

Nguyen has been campaigning all over Minnesota for the job of Secretary of State. Last week, he made a stop in Lake Elmo to talk with a group of people identifying themselves as Tea Party conservatives.

Dennis Nguyen has two main issues on which he is campaigning that he believes are essential to the job of Secretary of State. One issue is elections.

“We have the technology to ensure election integrity and I will make sure we use that,” he told the audience.

He later clarified that he wasn’t pleased with the new electronic voter registration, particularly with how it was enacted. There is currently a court case that challenges online voter registration, alleging that state law does not provide for this type of voter registration.

“As Secretary of State, I would undo electronic registration, put it through the hearings and then if it passes, I would go through the proper channels to make it work for voters,” said Nguyen.

He has identified himself as a centrist, pledging to reach out to moderates and to court voters that may previously have supported DFL candidates but may not be happy with how things are going.

“The Democrats have used their demagoguery on minorities for years, keeping them in poverty and reliant on the government. This election, it is going to stop,” Nguyen told the audience.

He told of campaigning in minority areas of Saint Paul, asking the citizens, “Are you happy living like this?”

He tells his story of moving to the United States at age five, the son of Vietnamese refugees. “I tell people to look at me. What I’ve done. You can do it.”

Dennis Nguyen says his highest priority for helping Minnesota’s economy is to cut the size of the Secretary of State’s office.

“Imagine an ecosystem of third party investors, where investors liaise with entrepreneurs. I want to make the Secretary of State’s office a one-stop shopping experience for businesses coming to Minnesota.”

Nguyen has eighteen years of service in the private sector. In his two financial service firms, Newport Capital and New Asia Partners, he helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

“With this experience,” he says, “I know what entrepreneurs need to be successful and I will use the office to help our citizens build the Minnesota economy.”

Dennis Nguyen current faces no challengers for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State. He has received quite a few endorsements from Minnesota Republicans.

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