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Will Democrat Push For “Smart Gun Control” Hurt Your Second Amendment Rights?

Smart Guns -  may be next step in gun control
Smart Guns - may be next step in gun control
photo credit - Conservatives Against Tyranny

With Obama and Democrat failures in 2013 to pass gun control legislation that would have harmed American’s Second Amendment Rights; they are running another idea up the flagpole. According to Fox News a new gun control bill is being offered by Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey that he claims will reduce firearm violence. The focus of the bill is to “personalize” the gun with, “with special features, such as fingerprint-reading technology, so they can only be fired by their owners or other authorized users,” reports Fox News.

Yet is this truly acceptable and does the proposed senate bill create yet another end run around the U.S. Constitution’s gun rights that every American is entitled to?

Sen. Markey claims on Wednesday that he is not trying to harm or impede gun rights but is only trying to, “use advances in technology to our own advantage and save lives, and the [bill] will help ensure that only authorized users can operate handguns,” according to Fox News.

But is it truly the politically neutral answer that the Mass. senator insists that it is. On first blush, the NRA is not against the legislation and officials with the pro-Second Amendment organization register cautious support for it. The NRA officials part ways if passage of the bill includes mandating that require that all guns have mandatory grips with fingerprint-reading technology suggests the NRA website.

By entrusting American’s gun rights to the very same Obama government officials who are also making concerted efforts to deprive and reduce Second Amendment protections is not a road that the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action would want to become a reality, suggests Fox News.

The balance of gun safety and gun rights is being considered by several companies, including Kodiak Arms out of Utah. The gun which they manufacture is unlocked with the owner’s fingerprints. Another gun making firm out of California called Yardarm has developed a Smartphone app to, “to notify gun owners if their weapon is moved and allows them to remotely disable their firearms,according to Fox News.

The future of the Democrat senator’s bill will largely be determined by whether both houses of congress can agree on a “Smart Gun Control” technology enhanced gun bill that will not open the door to an eventual ban against American’s gun rights.

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