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Will Dana Woods and June Guerry get justice?

Dana Woods (left) and June Guerry (right)
Dana Woods (left) and June Guerry (right)
ABC News

The 2012 murders of Dana Marie Woods and June Guerry may finally get some justice. This report shared on Friday (Aug. 8) that one of the men accused of killing the women will soon face judge and jury. This case is indeed a tragic story, but it's hopeful that both of the men involved in this case get exactly what they deserve. Caleb Matlock's trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, just about two years after the violent murders of the two S.C. women. Both Matlock and his cousin Arthur Chavis have been charged with the murders as well as armed robbery and weapons possession -- but what kind of punishment do they face if convicted?

Back in August of 2012 Dana and June disappeared. The two had gone together to Mcdonald's and Burger King (previous reports say one or the other, but more recent reports say both), but after that, they vanished. Within a day of their disappearance, a family member of June Guerry's sighted Dana's car, but neither of the women were in it. Instead of the women, it's alleged that Caleb Matlock was driving the vehicle.

It wasn't long before the bodies of the two women were located. Autopsies later confirmed that the young women were shot to death -- a senseless act that robbed two innocent people of their entire lives. The families and friends of these women never had a chance to see them live to their fullest potentials -- and it was all because of the selfish behavior of a couple of backwoods criminals who have no regard for human life. Here's to hoping a speedy trial ends in justice for these two young women.