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Will Chelsea Handler or Ellen DeGeneres replace David Letterman?

The late night talk show host says he will not be back after his contract is up.
Photo by Larry Busacca

David Letterman has already announced his retirement when his contract runs out in 2015. Now the race is on to find a worthy replacement. On April 5, Mstarz reported on the push to name Chelsea Handler as Letterman's replacement on "The Late Show."

No matter who replaces Letterman after he retires, they better be ready to stay on their toes. Rumor has it that Letterman's retirement is directly related to Jimmy Fallon's crazy ratings and Letterman's ratings slowly getting lower and lower.

A successful replacement for the CBS late night talk show would have to be edgy in order to compete with Fallon. There have been many comedians and talk show hosts suggested for the replacement but there really are only two people on the horizon who might be able to draw the crowd away from "The Tonight Show."

The most likely of the contenders is Chelsea Handler. Her E! Network show "Chelsea Lately" will be ending this year and Chelsea has already said she wants a bigger network. In an interview with Howard Stern, Chelsea talked about how unhappy she is on the E! Network. While she said she did not know where she would end up after her current show is over, there is always a possibility she could take over for Letterman. The timing would work and Handler certainly has the experience, intelligence and quick wit that would make her a draw for the network.

Another woman in comedy who would make a worthy opponent of Jimmy Fallon is Ellen DeGeneres. She does have a few things working against her as far as securing Letterman's spot though. She is currently locked into a very lucrative contract for her daytime talk show. Additionally, she has seen great success in daytime television and might not want to shake things up. Ellen has a similar comedy style as Fallon though and could easily attract viewers from his demographic.

On the flip side, if either Handler or DeGeneres can get the nod to replace Letterman, they will be breaking ground. The late night talk show hosts for the major networks have always been male. Either one of those women might want to make history as the first female host of "The Late Show."

Who do you think should replace David Letterman? If you have a better suggestion, let us know in the comments below.

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